Ki-Wi Guide

Ki-Wi Guide

An application for quick and easy viewing of documents in a manufacturing company.


  • Ki-Wi Guide is an interactive application intended for employees in production departments of industrial and manufacturing companies.It is used for digital viewing of necessary production documentation and other related information, such as safety instructions or production procedures and tutorials. It reduces the expenses on print and saves time spent on updates and distribution of the documents to individual workplaces on the shop floor, because the documents can be found in one place in digital form and are always up-to-date. To use the Ki-Wi Guide application directly on the shop floor, it is possible to choose suitable hardware equipment from our offering of information kiosks.



The following previews of the Ki-Wi Guide application describe its functions by an example of exemplary manufacturing company.

  • screen1 Home screen

    Thanks to the application being connected to a company network (local) drive as a source of displayed information, the individual folders on a home screen change adequately and automatically and they are named in line with the structure of the network drive.

  • screen2 Document Listing

    By selecting a folder, its contents are displayed with individual documents in various formats.

  • screen3 Document Detail

    By selecting a particular document, its full content is displayed. For a more detailed and faster search in the document, it is possible to use the integrated virtual keyboard.



1. Fast Viewing

Easy, fast and online viewing of documents needed on the shop floor.


2. Security

Viewing of folders and documents is secured against unauthorized use.


3. Simple Management

Transparent and simple management of displaying and arranging folders and documents in an information kiosk/terminal by connecting to a company network drive.

4. Playback

Support of PowerPoint presentations and their full content (e.g. videos).

5. Remote Control

Remote document updating from one place.

6. Direct Access

Using an information kiosk/terminal, the application can be placed directly into the production department, mainly for the workers without access to a computer.

7. Saving

Replacement of paper documents – saving time and expenses on print and distribution.

8. Employee Identification

Users accessing information can be identified by using employee cards.

9. Confirmation

The recipient can be asked to verify (confirm) having read and agreed to the displayed information and the verification can be automatically saved into a relevant database (historical information).


The application Ki-Wi Guide enables integration with used business tools such as:

  • Calendar  – e.g.outlook  –  aplication enables to load data from corporate calendar and their displaying on infokiosk
  • Email – the ability to send e-mails from infokiosk to individuals or group of workers via several categories e.g. questionnaire, feedback, etc.
  • Network drive–  aplication also enables sharing of pictures, photos or other content in supporting formats, which it is saved on network drive to be available for workers without access to PC
  • Excel – application is able to connect to the data from Excel and display them through tables in a clear and understandable form
  • RSS/XML – connection to news or updates to display them in a shortened form through window for quick selection of interesting news
  • Staff –  application is able to identify employees through several identification ways e.g. smart card or fingerprint and view personalized data such as sickdays, holidays, working days, etc.
  • Statistics –  application also provides information about using of infokiosk for business purposes of a company


  • ref-globus-1_350x220

    By employing 12 interactive information kiosks, the company Johns Manville improved communication with workers in the production department and their awareness.

  • An information kiosk with the interactive application Ki-Wi Guide for the industrial company KYB Manufacturing.

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