CzechAccelerator at the Beginning of a New Partnership

When the CzechInvest Agency expert jury selected the companies DAP Services and Ki-Wi Digital for theCzechAccelerator project in 2012, nobody would have guessed that three years later, these two companies would create a collective product for athlete diagnosis.

Athletes have already reached the performance potential limits of the human body. The improvement of their performances often lies in their heads. And SportMind is what can see into athletes’ heads. It will reveals their strengths and weaknesses in the moments when their coaches are unable to read them.

A coach can use SportMind for 3 types of diagnostics. The first, pre-match diagnostic is used in the moments when e.g. players of Arsenal are to play a match against Chelsea. It reveals, whether they are too afraid of the opponents or, on the contrary, underestimating them. The coach then motivates them accordingly. The second diagnostic helps uncover, what it is that the player or athlete is currently putting their energy into. They might feel fear or pain, and therefore they won’t be well prepared for the match. Or they want to send their energy into risk, which, on the other hand, will support their fighting spirit during the match. A coach can also use the diagnostic for teams and individuals to select the right team role or set and adjust their long-term training.

An athlete (footballer, ice-hockey player etc.) performs the diagnostics on a tablet. The couch then immediately receives the results and can react to the arisen situation at once.

“We have a tool which is able to look into athletes’ heads, using a simplified form that does not irritate the players. They answer through colours on a tablet,” Jiří Šimonek, the CEO of DAP Services summarizes its benefits.

The companies DAP and Ki-Wi put together experience and contacts from Israel and the USA and their product know-how to create SportMind. DAP has years of experience in diagnosing people in a gamified form, using the so called “colours”. Ki-Wi, the most successful company in the CzechAccelerator project, invested its know-how from developing modern interactive applications into this new joint-venture.

Sports clubs should profit from SportMind by improving their biggest asset – their players. “We want to focus mainly on football, ice-hockey, basketball and handball clubs in Europe, the United States and Russia. Furthermore, we want to work with university teams in the USA,” Ki-Wi CEO, Jan Slavík, describes.

The previous version of SportMind has been used by clubs from both Europe and Russia. They include HC Sakhalin, Serbia national handball team, Slovakia national U19 football team, FC Baník Ostrava, HC Zubří and also the national handball team – men and women while preparing for the European Championship.

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